Zoom Made Easy – Support Group by JACE HR

Zoom Made Easy – Support Group by JACE HR

Video Recommendation from George Kao.

The increased use of Zoom as a work tool has led to a sharp rise in the number of questions being asked by users of the platform.

From business owners & consultants to teachers and students — we’re all dealing with this shift & it’s been quite challenging for a lot of people.

I created this group to be a place where you can have your Zoom-related questions answered. 

Common questions being asked:

  • How do I share my screen & still see meeting participants?
  • How do breakout rooms work; can others listen to my conversation?
  • What if I want to show just certain speakers and hide the others?
  • Can the host share their screen with all the breakout rooms?
  • I don’t have a good background, how can I ensure that nobody sees my space?
  • Etc.

Whatever your questions are, I’ll do my best to support you & make Zoom less daunting to use.

What to expect:

  • Ask unlimited number of questions: You have the opportunity to ask any number of questions you want; no limits whatsoever.

  • Private Facebook group: This is where you can connect with other participants of the program for mutual support and growth.

  • LIVE Q&A Calls: To get your most pressing questions answered in real time. Even if you don’t attend, the recording will be sent to you afterwards.

  • Step by Step “how-to” videos: I’ll record short & easily digestible videos with detailed implementation steps.

  • Practice Buddies: If you’re apprehensive about appearing on video or trying out Zoom features, this group will provide you a safe space to do it. You’ll be able to connect with fellow (awesome) group members to practice & improve.

  • Lifetime Access to Reference Document: You can always check this document for a quick reference on how to do certain things. It will be a database of questions from all group participants; not just yours. That way, you can learn from others.

Your questions, answered

  1. How much is it? It’s free, completely gratis.

  2. Why are you doing this? We want to help; that’s all.

  3. Do you work for Zoom? No, neither me nor George is on staff with Zoom, nor is this group endorsed by Zoom. We are simply fans of Zoom and wanted to provide this platform to help other Zoom users.

  4. How do I get started? Click the link below & request to join our private Facebook group. Be sure to check your email for important details.

Ready to get started? Join us here.