Monthly Workshops

Monthly Workshops

Business & Marketing Workshops (Monthly)

The monthly workshops are designed to teach and explore various components of your business & marketing.

Topics include Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, packaging your products and services, achieving profitability, etc.

One big factor in these workshops is that they are created to be very practical.

Nobody needs a bunch of theories – what you’re looking for are real-life steps that you can implement to grow your business.

And that’s exactly what you get.

Workshop topics

Below are some examples of workshop topics I have led (or will lead again).

If you’re interested in any of them, simply click the link to read more.

1). Niche to Profit: How to go from figuring out your niche to creating sustainable income

2). Content Marketing A to Z: The Most Effective Strategies for Content Creation & Distribution

3). Facebook Ads Audiences: How to find & target the right audiences of your ideal clients

4). Profitable Business Models: How to create a business model that is both accessible & profitable

5). Content Visibility: 8 ways to promote your content *without* Facebook ads.

** I will continue to update this page as other workshop topics come up.

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There, I will update you whenever there’s a topic I think you might be interested in.

Workshop Format & Details

The workshops are delivered live on Zoom.

I start by teaching the topic of the day; and then we move into Q&A.

The essence of the Q&A session is to answer all your questions and help you figure out how you can apply each concept to your real-life business.

The workshops typically last between 75 – 90 minutes.

If you’re unable to stay the whole duration; you can leave anytime.

You’ll get access to the recordings afterwards; and you can watch it at your convenience.

You also get access to the course notes & materials; so that you can reference them whenever you need to.

Most of the workshops are a flat rate of $25.

If you implement what you learn on these calls, the return on investment could potentially be priceless & life-changing.

I hope to see you in one of the workshops!