My Mentors

My Mentors

My Mentors – People I learn from.

There are quite a few people that have influenced my ideas in business and marketing.

While it’ll be impossible to remember all of them, there’s a core group of key actors that I must mention — simply because of how deeply I’ve followed & loved their work.

These are my business heroes; and I’m excited to introduce them to you.

I try my best to copy them & I don’t hide that fact. Instead, I’m proud of it.

I don’t claim to be at their level; far from it.

And I do have my own ideas; I don’t just copy and paste everything they say.

But I am a humble student of theirs; and I hope that my work helps amplify theirs in some way — as we all work together to help you build a business you love.

Here they are:

  • George Kao
  • Tad Hargrave
  • Mark Silver

George Kao

George is my hero.

I’ve followed him for a few years now & if I’m to describe him in one word, it’ll be Integrity.

And Authenticity. And Content. And Consistency. And Warmth.

Okay; that’s more than one word. But that’s the thing — one word is not enough.

It’s better to say that George is a wonderful mix of warmth, integrity, and authenticity.

And the best way he demonstrates that to us every single day is through his consistent content creation & sharing.

Beyond creating content just for the sake of “marketing”; George sees content creation & distribution as a lifelong ministry & service of love to humanity.

He is consistently blessing people all over the world with his kind and warm-hearted approach to business and marketing.

I’ve learned so much from him; and his ideas about business have greatly influenced mine.

I copy him a lot. At least I try to.

I’ve not yet attained his level of consistency; but I am working on it.

George brings calmness and spirit to everything he does; and that’s something else I’m trying to learn from him.

I invite you to visit George Kao’s website or watch some of his videos. You’d be happy you did!

Tad Hargrave

Much like George, I’ve also followed Tad’s work with deep admiration & respect for the person that he is.

Tad has a unique blend of wisdom & humor that allows him to teach otherwise difficult concepts in a way that makes you just “get it”.

He’s an expert in the subject of niching; and always seems to have countless ideas off the top of his head at the shortest notice.

I have been greatly influenced by Tad’s teachings around Business Models & Long-term marketing strategies.

I copy him in a lot of different ways:

  • Slowing down the sale
  • Ensuring that it’s a fit for both parties
  • Building relationships for long-term, organic growth
  • Creating a business model that helps me achieve both accessibility for clients + sustainability for my family
  • The structure of my sales letters (very detailed & annoyingly long; but you can’t click away)
  • Even some of these sales letters borrow actual sentences from him (duly acknowledged)
  • Etc.

Tad demonstrates a deep and sincere care & appreciation for his clients; and that’s something else I’m learning from him.

I welcome you to check out his website and YouTube channel. You’ll be amazed at the amount of free, helpful content he shares.

Mark Silver

His website tagline says it all —- Every act of business can be an act of love.

Mark Silver is a very big proponent for bringing heart & love into business; and showing up for who you truly are.

He challenges everyone to own their spirituality & bring it into their work; without trying to hide.

I love Mark’s long-term approach to teaching about sustained business growth and profitability.

As a matter of fact, he makes it clear on his site that it takes 2-4 years to build a sustainable business.

This is in stark contrast to the vain promises of 6 figures in 6 weeks; which is what regular internet marketing coaches will try to sell you.

Because he knows it takes a while to build a sustainable business with the right systems & processes; Mark has created an awesome learning community that is based on a pay-from-the-heart pricing model.

This makes it possible for thousands of small business owners to access his expert support for as long as they need it.

This is one huge deal I’m trying to learn from Mark — how to support people at scale without losing the core essence of the goals they wish to achieve.

Again, I’m not there yet. But I’m working towards it.

Take a look at his website; and may you find value in the deep wisdom he so freely shares.

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