Implementation Support

Implementation Support

Most times, you already intuitively know what’s best for you to be doing in your business. Or perhaps you’ve taken some courses and now have a lot of ideas to try out.

But for some reason, sitting down and doing the actual work feels overwhelming because you’re not exactly sure how/where to start.

That’s where I come in: To help you plan a step-by-step process that is easy-to-follow; and make sure that whatever you learn from those courses is properly applied to your own unique situation.

In very simple terms, I focus on making your work doable.

I achieve this by breaking things down to the smallest possible next step. That way, you leave each session with a very clear picture of specific actions to take in your journey.

When next we meet, we can review what went well or not; and then tackle the following steps. You also have access to send me an email if you have a quick question or need some clarification before our next call.

You may use this service whenever you need to (i.e. as one-off sessions); or you can opt to pay for monthly support; which comes with other benefits.

To request this service, schedule below.

Fee/Cost: $150.


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