Gentle Marketing

Gentle Marketing

These are common questions I get all the time:

  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. How do you deal with the overwhelm of trying to be everywhere?
  • Should I do Facebook ads or Google ads?
  • Someone told me yesterday that Instagram ads are more effective for sales; eh?
  • What about Pinterest; could it be perfect for my kind of business?
  • Maybe I should get on LinkedIn too? Some of my clients are professionals.
  • Should I create a free Facebook group & then sell them on my stuff?
  • Or should I just focus on TikTok since I work with younger people?
  • I’ve heard so much about net-caring, collaborations & joint ventures; should I consider these?
  • Etc.

The list is endless; it goes on and on.

Here’s the thing — they all work.

But you don’t have to do all of them.

And you don’t have to jump from 1 tactic to the other; always looking for the best option.

What you need to do is to create a marketing plan that suits YOU as a person.

If you absolutely hate social media, then why are you forcing yourself to be on Facebook? You can get all the clients you need without ever being on social media.

If you have anxiety being on stage, why are you trying to get a public speaking engagement simply because you heard it can be effective for marketing?

See what I mean?


Creating a marketing plan that suits who you are as a person is very important; as that’s the only way you’ll actually enjoy doing it for the long term. That’s where the sustainability comes in.

If you compel yourself to do things that drain you & sap all your energy; then you’re setting yourself up for a hard time. You’ll burn out and won’t be able to keep it going it in the long run.

And for you to be in it for the long-haul, the work of promoting your business has to be broken down into small, simple, doable, and sustainable steps. Steps that feel good to YOU as a person. Dare I even say enjoyable?

That’s my hope for you — Enjoyable, Gentle Marketing.


Through this service, I’ll work with you to create a marketing strategy or plan that is uniquely yours.

And then, I’ll be there by your side; step by step, as you gently implement the plan.

To request, schedule your first session below.

Fee/Cost: $150.


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