FB Ads

FB Ads

Audience Review

Perhaps you created your Facebook Ads audiences on your own; and now you’re wondering if you got them right.

I’ll help you review them and give you helpful tips for improvement… so that you’re more likely to be reaching the kind of audience you want — based on your ideal client profile.

Audience Research & Creation

No matter how awesome your service or product is, if your ads are not being shown to the kind of person who’s interested in what you have to offer, no deal.

My goal is to help you define, research, and create audiences that are most closely related to your ideal client.

Ads Review & Improvement

You’ve created an ad to promote your content, product, or service. But you’re not getting the results you hoped for, and you’re not sure why that is.

In this service, I’ll review everything you’ve created and give you some insights into how we can improve the outcomes.

Ads Strategy Consultation

If you have specific questions about your current ads process; or you’d like a roadmap on how to optimize what you’re doing, then this offer is exactly for you.

I’ll walk you through several options for your ads strategy and we identify which one might be best for the kind of work you do.

Ongoing Ads Management

The long-term game. This service is for you if you want to build an engaged audience of social media followers.

It’s also very useful for long-term email list building, ongoing sales of your existing products & services, beta testing of new offers, etc.

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