Course Launch

Course Launch

Create a course that matters.

Anyone can create a course.

But — how do you make yours different?

The course creation industry has a problem that is two fold:
1). there is a low bar for entry; and therefore
2). there is a high bar for success.

This two fold problem has brought pressure on the authentic business owner.

The pressure is to build a course that is both a true source of inspiration; but also a potential source of real-life transformation for students.

Background Prep

The logistics of creating a course can keep you stuck for months without end.

  • I have so much experience to share with people. How do I decide what course to focus on & teach?
  • How much course content do I need to include (to be enough but not overwhelming to the student)?
  • Which course platform should I use? Teachable? Kajabi? Podia? Udemy?
  • Should the course be text-only or include videos?
  • How long should my videos be?
  • Should I build an email list first before creating the course?
  • I’ve finally created this amazing course but nobody seems to know about it. How do I promote it?
  • Etc.

The questions are endless.

Thankfully, so are the possibilities.

Help is near. If you want it.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll aim to help you find answers to these burning questions.

But beyond answers, we want to come out on the other side of our work together with a course you’re proud of.

Created. Launched. Sold.

And changing lives.

One sale at a time.

My Course Launch Process

    • Start with why: First, we need to understand the basics. Why do you want to create this course? What transformation are you seeking to help students with? Why is it important to you? What happens if you don’t create it?
    • Research course: Are similar courses already existing? How much should you price it? What should be included in the course? What’s the course title?
    • Outline course content: Together, we’ll create  a basic outline of the course content.
    • Pre-sell the course: This is where we get market validation to continue with our course or change direction. We’ll sell the course before it’s created. 
    • Create course content: If we get a positive market response from the pre-sale period, we’ll then go ahead to create the actual course content. Depending on the nature of your course, this is where we create slides, PDFs, checklists, etc.
    • Record course videos: If for any reason you prefer to not teach the course as a LIVE class, then we’d need to record the videos.
    • Tech setup & review: Websites and landing pages. Email automation. Payment processing. Etc. This is where we test all the techy stuff to ensure that we’re good to go.
    • Full course launch: Your time to shine.
    • Ongoing course promotion: After the initial launch period, we’ll create an automated system to sell the course on an ongoing basis.

Ready to get started?

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