Business Strategy Coaching

Business Strategy Coaching

Business Strategy Coaching

Is it possible to build a business that fulfills you, changes your clients’ lives, and provides an amazing income for you & your family?

And is it possible to do all that without selling your heart?

My answer is Yes, it is possible.

Many solopreneurs today use the word “authentic” to describe themselves.

Perhaps you do too.

Unfortunately, we try to build an authentic business by adopting the same hyped-up strategies being taught by conventional internet marketers.

The result: We feel guilty and ashamed of such marketing.

And sometimes, we even give up altogether on all forms of marketing.

Which in itself is not a good idea either.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Problem

The biggest problem I’ve seen is that we don’t respect Time.

Everyone wants to set up a website, do a couple Facebook ads, & have unlimited clients rolling in within 2 weeks.

That’s not how it works in real life.

This lack of respect for time is what causes us to be in a hurry for everything — leading to unreasonable expectations, disappointments, and heartache.

The biggest shift anyone can make in order to create a sustainable business is to first realize that it will take time.

A lot of it.

Making a Shift

To build the sustainable coaching practice that you’ve always dreamed of, let go of hurry.

You must lay strong foundations.

And here’s my bold claim to you: I can help you build these foundations in just 12 months.

Here’s what we’ll work on during this period:

  • Content creation and distribution
  • Niche & target audience clarity (including market research conversations)
  • Create your offer personalizations (including sales pages)
  • Course Creation (help you create at least 2-3 courses during the year)
  • Book Creation (help you write at least 2-3 short e-books during the year)
  • Facebook Ads (paid sales traffic and acquisition of clients)
  • Audience Building (start to build your own real audience of true fans)
  • SEO (properly optimize your website to be found for your keywords)
  • Email list (build a real list of people who truly want to hear from you)
  • Partner email outreach (to find Joint Venture partners & Collaborators)
  • Scaling (automated system to keep driving sales to the products we’ve created)
  • Network Building
  • Lead generation (set up automated system for leads)

The Process

  1. Define: You and I will have a session to discuss your business & marketing objectives.

  2. Create: Together, we’ll create a customized marketing plan for you.; with detailed implementation strategies.

  3. Review: I’ll get to work; and we’ll analyze/celebrate the results.

Ready to get started?

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