Business Process Audit

Business Process Audit

Review. Analyze. Identify. Improve.

  • Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. LinkedIn. Medium. Reddit. Etc.
  • Where should you be posting your content?
  • How often should you even be creating the content?
  • Which platform is best for marketing?
  • What about email lists; shouldn’t you be building one?
  • What’s the best way to get clients?
  • Should you attend a networking event?
  • Or join a Facebook group?

These (and many more) are the questions being asked by many solopreneurs today.

Get clarity for improved efficiency & effectiveness

The questions I hear most often: What should I focus on?

What’s best for me right now?

How do I know which of these activities I’m meant to be doing?

Or is this all a giant waste of time?

As a result of all the options we have, there’s been an explosion of overwhelm & confusion.

And this overwhelm leads to inaction.

My hope with this offer is to help you eliminate the overwhelm and arrive at an answer that feels good to your heart; while producing the needed results.

Together, we’ll dive straight in to analyze your current business processes, identify gaps, and brainstorm ideas to plug the gaps immediately.

We’ll also come up with a road-map that gives you a clear indication of what to be doing at each stage of your business.

This way, you’ll know for sure that you’re using your business time as effectively & efficiently as possible..

What we’ll do.

  1. Review: I’ll review everything you have — from your website & Facebook business page; to your YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

  2. Analyze: Together, we’ll analyze your current use of these various platforms; and determine if you’re optimizing your input vs output.

  3. Improve: I’ll point out any improvements that can be made on each of them — to ensure that you’re giving yourself the best chances of success.

  4. Implement: Get to work implementing the necessary changes. (NOTE: I will support you in the process; but may not perform the tasks myself. For example: If a web redesign is needed, I won’t do that myself. I can recommend someone to hire).

  5. Create schedule: Beyond just optimizing the use of your business assets, one critical component of this service is to create a real-life business schedule that covers the most important activities to focus on (thereby eliminating all the noise & busy-ness).

Details + Start

  1. As soon as you sign up below, I’ll email you my private calendar to set up your first appointment.

  2. During our call, we’ll commence the review process; as well as map out our communication plan.

  3. Fee is $350.

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