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My name is Captain & I’m glad you stopped by.

Who am I?

I am a disciple of Christ.

I am a proud & active Dad to wonderful twins (a boy & a girl).

I am a husband, a son, and a brother.

And then I am a Facebook Ads expert & Marketing Coach by chance.

This page is about me — it doesn’t add any value to you in any way.

If you’re looking for more helpful content, please explore my blog, training videos, and free resources.

But if you’re just wanting to hang out with me & get to know a bit about me as a person, then let’s do it below!

The journey

You see — I stumbled into marketing; that was never the plan. (as if there was any plan at all to begin with…)

Long before I started a career, got married, or had any kids, I already made a decision that I wanted to be a hands-on Dad.

I wanted to be the kind of dad that plays hide-and-seek with his kids at 9.45 am on a Monday morning, or teaches them how to climb trees in the middle of the day…

A dad who just spends time with the kids without regard to what time of the day it is.

And yet I wanted to be a responsible father that provides for his family.

I didn’t want to put up with long commute hours, missed soccer practices & missed recitals.

I wanted to be there for them.

And so I started Googling about stay-at-home jobs.

It was not important to me if I was passionate about the job in itself or not — all I wanted was something I could do from home.

As a result, every decision I made was guided by this one singular dream of wanting to be a present Dad.

That’s how I started learning website design, and programming, and software development.

I worked in a couple of big organizations as a Software Developer; meeting lots of interesting people along the way (some of whom I now call friends).

Over time, my work evolved to include social media management, Facebook ads & marketing in general.

This foray into business and marketing gave me the opportunity to support several small business owners and self-employed professionals.

Most of the clients who came to me were life coaches, consultants, therapists, or healers of some kind.

These were people doing important work in the world by helping their clients live a better, healthier, and happier life.

This made me very grateful to be a part of their journey by supporting them in their marketing.

Suddenly, I could see how my marketing skills could help a relationship coach save a home from breakup; or a therapist prevent someone from hurting themselves.

This made me fall in love with the new work I was doing.

And that’s what led me to become a Business and Marketing Coach (with the side benefit of a deep technical background).


My work today is primarily focused on helping self-employed folks promote their services through effective Facebook ads campaigns.

The goal is to market their practice to reach a wider audience of ideal clients; and build a business that fulfills them on all levels — without using marketing tactics that make them feel bad.

By being “fulfilling on all levels” — I mean that the work in itself fulfills you as a person, it changes your clients’ lives, and yet it provides an amazing income for you & your family.

That’s the perfect combination of personal enjoyment, client impact and sustainable income.

My approach (How I work)

I have a very long-term approach to business and marketing.

I don’t believe in quick fixes; and I won’t make you any promises based on speed alone.

Everything I do in my work with clients; is in honor of this long-term mentality and slow marketing approach.

This is because I strongly believe that only a committed, long-term approach can make our work truly sustainable and fulfilling.

A short-term focus might lead to quick wins (which isn’t bad at all); but they won’t get you the kind of sustained results you’re looking for.

Therefore, my promises and commitments to you are based on long-term results that help you create both impact & sustainability.


Having said that, I also acknowledge that sometimes we are in a crisis and all we need at that point is something really quick to pull us out; before we can focus on the bigger picture.

And I honor that.

I have a few ideas to help with that kind of fast marketing approach; if that’s where you are at the moment.

Otherwise, everything else you’ll find on my site is based on slowly building a business that is sustainable in the long-term; rather than one where you’re always having to worry about where the next client is coming from.

How I’m unique

1). I am a teacher; teaching is my life passion.

I help you understand complex business & marketing concepts by breaking them down into very small and manageable chunks that can be consumed and applied right away. If there’s anything I can say for sure that I do well, it is teaching.

Apart from the fact that I love teaching, here are 2 other reasons why I focus more on teaching you rather than just doing everything for you:

  • Marketing is an ongoing process in your business (i.e. it never ends). Therefore, you need to understand how to do it well; so that you can keep going on your own.
  • Marketing results sometimes require a lot of time to manifest. By teaching you today, I’m saving you a lot of money in the long term.

2). But I don’t just teach; I also implement.

This is huge. I see so many clients who come to me with a lot of information — but they are overwhelmed by how to apply all of those things they know or put them into real-life actions to grow their business.

That’s where I come in — I help you with very detailed and step-by-step guides to build your business & do better marketing.

Another advantage is my highly technical background.

I play with technology & can therefore support you in that direction as well; thereby making your practice complete.

3). I am a real human being who makes mistakes.

I am not afraid to accept when I’m wrong.

I apologize, learn, and correct where possible.

Then we move on.

4). My core qualities and attributes include integrity, kindness, understanding, and compassion.

These are the most common words clients use when they describe me.

My vision for your business

  • My desire is to help you build a business that fulfills you; not one that stresses you out.
  • I believe that even though being self-employed requires a lot of hard work, we can make it enjoyable & pleasant.
  • I want to see you create real impact in the world — one client session at a time.
  • I know that even if you’ve spent many years without much progress, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.
  • And so it’s my dream to support you along that journey — even when it seems dark.
  • And yes, I want to see you create income that takes care of you and your family.

Let’s connect

I’m glad our paths have crossed; and I look forward to connecting even deeper with you if you ever feel like you need more support.

At that point, you can send me an email with any questions you have. ([email protected])

For now, feel free to read my best blog articles or watch some free training videos.