You can create a business that fulfills you, changes your clients’ lives, and provides an amazing income for you & your family.

And you can do all that without selling your heart or changing who you are.

Question is — are you ready?

I don’t have any quick fixes; and I won’t promise you 6 figures in 6 weeks.

What I do have are proven systems and processes that can set you on that path to freedom…

Freedom & fulfillment that can only be found in honest service to your ideal clients.

3 broad aspects of our work together

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Business Strategy

I offer simple yet proven advice on business strategy, marketing, and sales.

All advice is uniquely tailored for your specific kind of business, current situation, and defined objectives.

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the false starts you’ve experienced in building your business.

But that’s okay; because together we’re going to work hard to change that dynamic.

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Mindset Coaching

Building a successful business is much more than just strategy, tips, and tricks.

Do a quick Google search of “How to get clients”; and you’ll find more than a billion results.

If all that information is available for free, why are people still struggling with their business & marketing?

Short answer: Mindset

All the best strategies in the world with the wrong mindset & application will get you nowhere.

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Why reinvent the wheel? Simply watch someone who has walked the path & follow their steps.

Best part? You can still be fully and uniquely you; taking what you learn, and applying it to your own specific situation.

No matter how long you’ve been in business; if you’re not making as much income or impact as you would love; then this is your opportunity to change that narrative in just 12 months.

Happy Clients

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Feeling Grateful.

I’m so excited to have found you, Captain; I really appreciate your
clear communication and ease in working with me. Thank you so much!

Marina Francis

Coach, Counselor, Speaker
His Picture

Simply Awesome.

I can’t recommend Captain’s services highly enough. He’s got an amazing combination of excellence, knowledge, and great attitude. He works hard & is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Thanks Captain for all you do.

Mark Furlong

Pastor, Author, Coach.
Christine Goyette

Absolutely Recommend.

In just 1 hour, Captain helped me set up everything about my Facebook page and Business account.
He knew everything that needed to be done & answered all my questions; even the ones I hadn’t even thought of yet.
If the thought of even getting started with using Facebook for business is paralyzing you, he’s your man.

Christine Goyette

Relationship Coach

Typical client results

More clarity in offerings, products, & services.

Increased revenues; both short-term & long-term.

Better audience engagement & feedback.

Clearer & more-detailed strategies for improving your business.

Better quality of service delivered to your clients.

Business that is better-aligned with goals & objectives.

Partner Courses

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