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You are very passionate about your work and the transformation it can bring to people.

But you need a reliable and sustainable way to get the message out there and reach enough of your ideal clients.

And you want to do this without getting overwhelmed with marketing, tech issues, and other logistics.

In simple words, I can help.

Starting with the big picture, I’ll help you drill it all the way down until we get to small, bite-sized tasks that will propel you to achieve the intentions you set for yourself.

And I’ll be there to gently support you every single step of the way.


Facebook Ads

It’s pretty easy to boost a Facebook post & get a bunch of likes – anyone can do that.

But how do those “likes” turn into real, paying clients for your business?

And how do you ensure that the ads you create are effective and can actually get you the results you desire?

Is there a way to ensure that you’re reaching the right audience of people who might be interested in your services?

Or is it all trial & error — just throw it against the wall & see what sticks?

Gentle Marketing

Gentle + Marketing — two words that hardly ever go together in today’s culture of constant hustle & bustle.

A simple Google search for “marketing ideas” will yield countless tactics, tips, and tricks. But building a successful business is beyond all of that — it is a long-term game.

And for you to be in it for the long-haul, the work of promoting your business has to be broken down into small, simple, doable, and sustainable steps.

That’s my hope for you — Gentle Marketing.

Implementation Support

Most times, you already intuitively know what’s best for you to be doing in your business. Or perhaps you’ve taken some courses and now have a lot of ideas to try out.

But for some reason, sitting down and doing the actual work feels overwhelming because you’re not exactly sure how/where to start.

That’s where I come in: To help you plan a step-by-step process that is easy-to-follow; and make sure that whatever you learn from those courses is properly applied to your own unique situation.

Typical client results

More clarity in offerings, products, & services.

Increased revenue, both short-term & long-term.

Improved audience engagement & feedback.

Clearer & more-detailed strategies for improving your business.

Improved quality of service delivered to your clients.

Business that is better-aligned with goals & objectives.

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